As businesses today update their telecommunications systems, one of the common changes made is the switch to VoIP business phone systems. Once the domain of large companies and corporations, VoIP has become a popular option for business phone service for small organizations.

In addition to basic calling capability, VoIP also provides a wealth of added features that can help a small business enjoy a comprehensive array of telecommunications benefits.

Here are a few of the excellent options you may choose when you sign your business up for VoIP service.

Controlled Access with Buzzer Entry

A common feature in apartments is a buzzer that a visitor can use to call an apartment. Controlled access with a door buzzer is convenient because it allows the door to remain locked until someone opens it remotely. VoIP offers this feature by allowing the business owner to buzz people in manually and talk to visitors through the phone system before they enter the building. It’s a terrific option for improving security at a business site.

Transcription of Voicemails to Emails

In addition to allowing the storage of many voicemails (as many as you can store), VoIP technology can also be paired with a voicemail to email transcription program. There’s no need to worry about deleting voicemails because of a lack of room, and it’s easy to ensure phone numbers and contact info is on file with the transcript file of the voicemail.

Calls Routed to Multiple Lines

A VoIP system can offer a “follow me” option where a call is routed to a few different devices before being sent to voicemail. For example, the phone might ring in an employee’s office and then start ringing on the employee’s cell phone if there isn’t an answer at the office. If the system goes through all the numbers on the list and no one picks up, the call is then sent to the voicemail system.

Improved Data from Calls and Business Communications

One of the benefits of VoIP is that the system can store an extraordinary amount of information regarding call data. A business owner – or whoever is in charge of arranging for business communications at the company – can run reports and keep tabs on a variety of pieces of data like call volume, bandwidth utilization, and inbound/outbound call details.

Auto Attendant or Push-Button Menu

A small business with just a few employees who all work in the same space might not seem like the sort of organization that might benefit from an auto attendant call system, but virtually every organization can improve efficiency by routing calls correctly. A caller can interact with the menu and choose the best extension before the phone begins ringing at someone’s desk. Every second counts in business efficiency, and an auto attendant is one of the most cost-effective options you have for adding a receptionist to your staff.

Conferencing Tools

A VoIP system makes conference calls easy with the convenient conference floor monitor. Sometimes it’s difficult to call on certain individuals to speak when they’re not in the room. A VoIP conference call system makes it easy to handle tasks like muting everyone while the leader speaks, calling on certain individuals to speak, and maintaining order on a call where participants might live in a dozen different cities.

Live Coaching for Employees

One of the neat features offered within VoIP is the ability for a manager to listen in on an employee’s phone call and provide advice during the call that the customer or client can’t hear. It’s also possible to simply listen on the line to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of an employee’s time on the phone. Some managers choose to let employees know about the listening tool, but it can be used anonymously, too.

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