Services by Industry

Solutions just for you.

We’ve taken our tailored approach to the next level by offering industry-specific packages that disrupt the status quo through customization and innovation. As we build these unique solutions for the wide range of fields in which we work, our goal is share that success and provide a closer look into the precision and care that goes into a consultation with Vergent.

Coming (very) soon…

And More!

Don’t see your industry?

Don’t worry! We work across all industries, with companies of all sizes, but simply aim to provide a few extra features for industries where we’ve discovered needs that align with our core competencies (i.e. day-one LTE connectivity for construction job sites).

Our goal is to always go the extra mile for our clients; to provide the best solutions that align with your specific business goals. If your industry is not on this page, get in touch today and experience what Vergent can do for you.

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