In the last decade, telecommuting and remote offices have become an incredibly common feature

of modern businesses. From small businesses that have just a few employees to substantial

corporations with thousands of employees, it’s not unusual to see a part of the workforce

conducting work at home.


Also, jobs requiring travel have remained a consistent feature of corporate America, and today’s

advanced business phone systems allow companies to remain in constant contact with traveling

employees and telecommuters.


What Phone System will Accommodate Remote Workers?

A phone system that utilizes the cloud or the internet (through VoIP) are each appropriate

choices for companies interested in making sure telecommuters and remote employees have the

mobility they need. Employees can take their business phone number anywhere they can take

their smartphone.


Some of the ways these versatile business phone systems can benefit telecommuters, remote

offices, and traveling employees include:

  •  Calls to the company’s main number can route right through to a remote user.
  •  Employees don’t need to use their personal phone number for company business.
  •  Business desk phones and simple audio conferencing are available for telecommuters.

Another benefit of cloud-based phone systems that’s hard to quantify in terms of dollar savings is

the way a single phone system can make an employee feel about their job. Despite working

remotely, a cloud phone system can make employees feel more connected and part of the

company, even if they don’t commute to the office each day.

How Can a Phone System Tie Together Multiple Locations?

Remember those terrible conference call devices that always seemed to mess up during a

meeting? There was always someone who couldn’t connect, or the call would drop or the

connection was terrible. Switching to an integrated, cloud-based system or using VoIP

technology is a good way to reduce problems associated with old technology.


One of the most valuable features of modern business phone systems is the option to tie different

locations together under the same phone system. Workers are connected through a cloud-based

system where it doesn’t matter if an employee is in Dallas or Houston. Everyone is connected in

the same corporate directory and has access to video meetings, simplified audio conferencing,

and voice mail forwarding.

Lower Costs and Simplify Phone Bills

It’s not uncommon for a company’s telecommunications system to work in tandem with the

internet and networking systems. When each of these systems is connected, a business may enjoy

lower costs, particularly in the case of virtual phone systems.


Eliminating landlines and consolidating communications systems may offer these additional


1. Lower bills with no long-distance charges.

2. Simplified monthly invoices.

3. Eliminate expense reports for telecommuters.

4. Upgrade technology easily in the future

Another benefit of installing an advanced phone system is how easy it is to change, improve, or

redact features. Add or subtract features as you wish and save money by eliminating spending on

features you don’t use.


Consider: Do you work in an industry that grows rapidly for part of the year or has a significant

need for seasonal employees? New phone systems are easily scalable when you need more lines

and functionality.

Increase Security by Updating Your Phones

One of the most important concerns for modern businesses today is the security of company data.

An awfully large amount of a company’s information is housed in digital form, and updating the

phone and internet can have a positive impact on your company’s ability to prevent hacking.

Further, remote employees who use cloud-based telephone systems and company networks will

be accessing a more secure environment than the traditional – and usually non-secure – company

VPN. It happens too often that an employee causes a security breach because they access the

network with an unapproved device.


Get in touch with Vergent today if you’re thinking about upgrading your phone system to

accommodate remote offices or multiple locations. We’ll show you how moving from a

traditional phone system to the cloud may benefit your company.