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We empower growth and connection through tailored, reliable, and secure telecommunications network services.

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Vergent ConnectBox

How much does a network outage cost your business? With the ConnectBox, you receive unlimited LTE redundant internet that automatically switches over in the event of unpredictable, costly network outages.

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Partner Services

With our sister companies, Vergent Pro and Teknation, we are proud to offer complete technology packages from telecom, managed IT and IaaS to advanced network cabling and hardware provisioning. Experience true peace of mind and accountability with our all-in-one solutions.

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Groundbreaking Construction Solutions.

Experience nationwide availability, day-one connectivity, job site to HQ integrations, cloud collaboration, and more with Vergent’s construction solutions. We provide phone, internet and networking to jobsites across the country. Avoid the headache of scheduling around major carriers and schedule your service today with Vergent.



Empower your connections with the latest in hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and traditional voice solutions.
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Simplify your infrastructure with custom data & hosting, colocation and managed security.
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Streamline your network with powerful dedicated internet, broadband, and MPLS technologies.
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Solution highlights.

We are proud to serve as the premier technology and communications resource for businesses across the country. Over the last 20 years, our solutions have provided thousands of users with fast, secure, and reliable connectivity, freeing them to concentrate on business instead of bandwidth. We are proudly located in Dallas, Texas, where our data centers are the hub of a network that spans the nation. Learn more about some of our specialized services below.

The Vergent Family

With our sister-company, Teknation, we are able to provide a full-service technology solution from phone and internet connectivity and cloud networking to product provisioning and advanced network cabling. Vergent is the one-stop-shop that can handle all of your business technology needs.

Voice, Cloud & Network

Vergent Communications provides tailored and affordable telecommunications for businesses across the country. Whether you need a Hosted PBX, Cloud Backup & Storage, Dedicated Internet Access, Secondary Internet or all of the above, Vergent has you covered. Our nationwide network can provide quality connectivity between multiple locations across the country. Learn More


Network Cabling & Provisioning

Teknation offers full-service installation of voice, data, and fiber optic network cabling, as well as product provisioning for cabling, computers, phone systems, and more. If you need to move your network, upgrade your cabling, or replace your infrastructure, Teknation can provide your business with the best products and top-quality service, always at the right price. Learn More

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Cloud Solutions for Businesses

One of the most important concepts for today’s businesses is using communications, IT infrastructure, and networking that are “scalable.” This idea is central to the idea of cloud services for business. Reacting swiftly to the changing environment of an industry means spending money. However, choosing cloud solutions can reduce the costs of expansion and growth in the future.

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