MPLS is an acronym for Multi-Protocol Label Switching. When combining VoIP through MPLS network, you get a special type of telecommunications service like no other. With MPLS, you communicate over the internet by sending “packets” of information along a series of jumps. At each landing, the label assigned to a packet of data using MPLS is pushed, swapped, or popped as it continues to the next landing.

Every business needs more speed, and MPLS delivers on that front. However, the technology isn’t an absolute “must-have” for every business, so it’s important to examine the benefits of MPLS before upgrading your network.

The Benefits of MPLS

One of the notable benefits of using VoIP through MPLS network is the increased speed that comes courtesy of the labeling process. A non-MPLS router must work with a standard IP table at each hop, which takes longer than the labeling technology of MPLS.

With the increased speed of MPLS also comes quicker recovery when the network is interrupted. Obviously, no interruption is a good one, but recovering from an interrupted connection happens more quickly when using MPLS than typical networks.

Another benefit is the impressive Quality of Service (QoS) that comes from using MPLS. High QoS means that the service is not only reliable and fast, but that voice quality is also excellent.

Along with the speed and reliability of MPLS, the option also provides greater security for companies that need it. This means a company can maintain the privacy of its networks when sensitive data must be sent across the internet. For example, the financial industry must avoid security breaches at all costs, and the security available through MPLS helps maintain a high degree of security. Furthermore, MPLS comes with excellent monitoring, 24/7, which helps maintain security and reliability.

VoIP over MPLS networkWhat Businesses Should Use MPLS Technology

A variety of companies may benefit from using MPLS, but businesses with multiple remote locations would greatly benefit. Also, businesses that need to set up a secure, private IP network may find this intelligent network option an excellent choice. A business that must consider WAN (wide area network) technology may save money by using a managed MPLS VPN service.

Other Businesses That Can Benefit from MPLS:

  • Companies, where reliability, speed, and security require equal consideration, may want to look at upgrading their telecommunications to MPLS.
  • Organizations that must transmit sensitive data over long distances may find MPLS a beneficial investment.
  • Companies, where delays can destroy profits and reputation, may want to think about switching over to MPLS.

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