The Construction Landscape is Changing.

Advanced construction techniques, tools, and materials are making things move faster and better than ever before. The technology being implemented on job sites across the globe would amaze the workers and foremen of only a few decades ago.

Strangely enough, it’s in the area of job site telecommunications that things haven’t changed much at all.


The Good Old Days Weren’t that Good

Many projects are still stuck in the last century when it comes to construction phone services and job site internet. Many sites still determine job starts based on initial service drops from a large provider. You know the drill: a provider schedules your drop weeks or months in advance, then after finally dispatching a tech to wire the office trailer, they find facility or service quality concerns which further postpone your project days or weeks, only to eventually install a circuit that accidentally gets severed by a backhoe causing an unknown amount of downtime and delays.

Isn’t it time to try something new? Why should your connectivity and deadlines be subjected to the carelessness of large network providers who don’t truly understand the needs of a construction site?


Solutions for the 21st Century

Vergent brings construction job site communications into the 21st century. Our solutions for construction phone systems and construction internet systems provide state-of-the-art connectivity, with guaranteed service from day-one. We’re ready to deploy as soon as you make the call, with LTE temporary internet connectivity to be used while your primary circuits are installed. Additionally, if your primary connection ever goes down, your network automatically and seamlessly switches over to that same unlimited LTE device as a failover, keeping your job site live and deadlines intact. There’s no risk of a poorly maneuvered backhoe knocking your crew offline for days while you wait on yet another bucket truck and technician.

On top of temporary and back-up internet solutions, Vergent also offers primary circuits to provide complete connectivity to all devices on a modern job site. Our solutions use the latest mpls networks technologies to accommodate any last-mile infrastructure, including TDM, DSL, and Metro E. We are proud to offer nationwide availability to provide technology and communication solutions to any job location across the country.

Additionally, we have introduced other construction-specific solutions such as ‘Job Site to HQ Integrations,’ which empower your team communications with intuitive technology that offers local phone numbers and systems at any job site, with integration to all other job sites and even your corporate offices. We also offer ‘Cloud Collaboration Solutions’ which allow construction companies to work securely and remotely in real time with general and subcontractors, project managers, architects, surveyors, and more.

Vergent specializes in providing communication and cloud technology to the commercial construction industry, with a focus to support constantly changing work conditions on multiple job sites in the field. Our revolutionary approach to construction IT solutions has benefitted the productivity and collaboration of crews across the country. With Vergent, you’ll experience fully-functional job sites from day one, allowing you to focus on your project, not your network.