You can manage the voice messages left on your extension from this location. voicemail messages graphic


Opens user folder

Example: Select a folder and click “Open” to display its content.

Field Type: Button


Moves voice messages

Example: Select a voice message, select destination folder, click “Move” button


Forwards message to another user voice inbox

Example: Check a box next to a voice message and click “Forward.” Enter destination extension and click “Okay.”

Field type: Button


Plays a voice message.

Example: Check a box next to a message and click “Play” to download and play the message in your favorite audio player.

Field Type: Button


Deletes a voice message

Example: Check a box next to a message and click “Delete.”

Field Type: Button


Voicemail Message Identification Number

Example: 0000

Field Type: Display


Identifies the user who has left the message by his name and extension nmber.

Exmaple: “JohnDoe” <5000>

Field Type: Display


Time/Date a voicemail was recieved in the inbox.

Example: 13 Apr 2013 11:15

Field Type: Display


Time Duration of the voice message

Example: 00:18

Field Type: Display


Voicemail file type and size

Example: wav49 (9.07k)

Field Type: Display

Voicemail Options

Once you are transferred to a party’s voicemail box, you will hear: “Please leave a detailed message after the tone. If you would like to speak to the operator, press ‘0’.”

At this point, you have two options:

1. To leave a voice message. (Press # or hang up to end the message).

2. To dial 0 to reach an operator.

If you press 0, you will hear: “Press 1 to accept this recording, otherwise please continue to hold.” At this point, you may:

1. Press 1 to save your message and dial the operator. You will  hear: “Please hold while I try that extension.”

2. Continue to hold to delete your message and dial the operator. You will hear: “Message deleted, please hold while I try that extension.”

Standard Voicemail Options with all Voicemail Settings Set to Yes:

1 Read voicemail messages

2 change folders

0 Mailbox Options

1 Record your unavailable message

2 Record your busy message

3 Record your name

4 Record your temporary message

5 Change your password

3 Advanced options (with option to reply)

1 Reply

2 Call back (1)

3 Envelope

4 Outgoing call (1)

4 Play previous message

5 Repeat current message

6 Play next message

7 Delete current message

8 Forward message to another mailbox

9 Save message in a folder

* Help; during message playback: Rewind

# Exit; during message playback: Skip forward

* * Help

* # Exit

After recording a message (incoming message, busy/unavailable greeting, or name)

1 Accept

2 Review

3 Re-Record

0 Reach operator (not available when recording greetings/name)

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