Over time, your network may fall behind on its ability to satisfy your communications needs, and Metro Ethernet service may offer the best solution for boosting network application performance, as well as for increasing network flexibility.

How Does Metro Ethernet Work?

Metro Ethernet Service works with a metropolitan area network (MAN) or wide area network (WAN) to deliver secure access to high capacity bandwidth. The service combines ultra-fast optical technology and Ethernet to deliver bandwidth that’s scalable, as well as low cost.

Why is Metro Ethernet Affordable?

Metro Ethernet provides a less expensive option for your telecommunications network through readily available networks that cost less than traditional synchronous optical networks (SONETs). Affordable Metro Ethernet means a company can upgrade connectivity more readily to meet growing communications needs. The reason Metro Ethernet costs less than alternatives is because it takes the bandwidth power that’s shared between several contributors, so there is no significant investment necessary from a single firm. One of the most impressive features of Metro Ethernet is that it can provide exceptional speed while also reducing operational costs for equivalent speeds on traditional networks.  It’s impossible to predict future communications needs with complete accuracy, so the option to upgrade without hassle and cost is an incredibly valuable feature.

Benefits of Metro Ethernet

It’s important to weigh costs and benefits for any major purchase or business phone systems service upgrade, and Metro Ethernet provides some impressive benefits that may appeal to businesses operating in many industries. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. Eliminate the need for a department or employee with specialized WAN support expertise.
  2. Enjoy lower costs for routers and switches associated with Metro Ethernet service.
  3. Consolidate servers or facilities, as well as WAN equipment.
  4. Benefit from scalable communications; pay only for what you need.
  5. Improve communication with business partners and via internal employee groups.
  6. Increase viability of virtual work groups and boost productivity.
  7. Upgrade at any time without significant investment of money or time.

Upgrading Metro Ethernet is so efficient and readily available that a business may be able to have its service up and running in less than a week after contacting a Metro Ethernet installation provider for setup.

When is It a Good Time to Upgrade?

One of the most important decisions a business owner makes is when to upgrade communications, and the type of upgrade installed can also impact the longevity and quality of the communications network. Events that often influence a decision to upgrade business phone systems or networking capability include:

  • Old equipment that keeps breaking down or malfunctioning.
  • A new location isn’t outfitted with modern telecommunications.
  • Business acquisitions and expansion, or additional locations.
  • An increase of remote workers or telecommuting employees.

Once the decision has been made to upgrade communications, it’s important that a decision on the type of system isn’t made based upon initial investment. The long-term cost, longevity, and ease of upgrades should impact the final decision on which communications upgrade is best. Is your company suffering from communications delays and subpar performance of network applications? Vergent will upgrade your company’s communication network to Metro Ethernet Service. Transition to Metro Ethernet smoothly and without significant time and hassle. Get in touch to discuss your company’s needs and the upgrades offered through Vergent.

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