T1 service is an easy and affordable phone and internet option for small-medium businesses. A typical T1 line provides 1.5 mbps of bandwidth, but businesses that need more than that can buy bonded T1 lines which are bundled together to increase the total amount of bandwidth available.

Businesses in a Large City Should Consider Metro Ethernet

However, businesses that are located in a major metropolitan area should consider Metro Ethernet service. Metro E is available through multiple providers in most large cities, and in many cases, it’s available for a fraction of the price of T1. It’s also often faster and easier to implement than T1 service. T1 lines require special connection equipment, but with Metro Ethernet, you just plug your computer into the provider’s Ethernet jack and you’re ready to go.

ConsiderationsT1 and Metro Ethernet Implementation

T1 Lines and Metro Ethernet are also both great options for creating point to point connections between office locations, but in most cases, Metro Ethernet is easier to implement, and it is also more easily scalable than T1 service. As noted above, T1 lines are limited to 1.5 mpbs each. If you need more bandwidth than that, you must bundle multiple T1 lines to get it. However, Metro Ethernet is available in speeds from 1 mbps to 10 gbps, and it is scalable up and down to meet the changing needs of your organization. You can easily upgrade or downgrade with one phone call to your provider. No bundling.

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T1 and Metro Ethernet Price Comparison

T1 lines from Vergent Communications are available for prices as low as $149 a month in Dallas and$249 a month nationwide. However, 10MB Metro Ethernet service in Dallas is available for only $895 per month, which is about a $400 savings over the same service delivered by a true wireline T1. Dallas businesses can also get 10 MB Metro Ethernet with four phone lines and 2000 minutes domestic long distance for $995 per month.


The main consideration in deciding whether to choose Metro Ethernet over T1 service mainly depends on where you live. If you live in a rural area, Metro Ethernet might not be available to you. However, T1 service is available nearly everywhere telephone service is available. Vergent provides  T1 service to every office location nationwide.

If you live in a large metro area and need more bandwidth than a standard T1 can offer, Metro Ethernet is probably the right choice for you. The maximum speed you can achieve depends on how far your office is located from your Metro E provider. The shorter the distance to your provider, the faster the available speed.

The secondary consideration, of course, is price. If both services are available to your office, in most cases Metro Ethernet will be the more affordable option.

If you have any doubts about what’s right for you, Vergent’s engineers are available to answer questions. Just give them a call at 855-VERGENT. They are skilled at determining which type of connections will be the fastest and the most cost-effective for your particular business. They have decades of experience building efficient, affordable networks that minimize resource waste and provide significant savings.