SIP Trunking

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the costs of maintaining separate circuits for both voice and data.

Simplify Communications

Access to the Vergent IP network and the PSTN without costly protocol conversions.

Multi-Location Centralization

Simplify, streamline and reduce the costs of managing voice services across many locations.

Save Money While Growing Your Business

Significantly decrease your company’s communications costs by adding SIP trunks to your existing PBX equipment with instant deployment in the cloud. As the size of your company and call volume changes, you can easily adjust SIP trunks as needed to support local, toll-free, long distance and international calls.

Better Business Continuity

With Vergent’s SIP trunking solutions, you’ll receive consistent uptime with state-of-the-art continuity features, which provide automatic re-routing across service locations in the event of network problems. Join thousands of users in hosting your phone and SIP services with Vergent, where you no longer have to worry about the closet full of heavy, expensive equipment and wiring.  


Why Vergent?

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve deployed thousands of voice and network solutions for companies across the nation. We take a consultative approach with every client, aiming to best position your technology to scale. Being a full-service vendor, with voice, cloud and network solutions, we can handle all of your business technology needs with unified billing and a single point of contact for local, Texas-based support.

Can you service my address?

Our voice and cloud solutions are deployable nationwide, regardless of region or address. While internet connectivity is subject to location, our proprietary network and strategic partnerships expand our reach to nearly every city in the continental US, with unbeatable prices and a range of access technologies like DSL, T1, Cable, Fiber, Fixed Wireless and Mobility.

Do you service businesses our size?

Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, Vergent can create custom technology plans that position your infrastructure to scale. Our clients range from local, small businesses to multi-national, billion-dollar enterprises, all with one-to-one support and dedicated account managers.

Contact Sales

Get the best in local voice service with Vergent. Our agents are standing by to answer any questions and get your business connected.

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