SIP Trunking

Leverage your infrastructure & reduce costs.

Vergent’s SIP Trunking services provide immediate savings that help scale your business. Our SIP Trunks can be used with any of our Hosted PBX solutions, as well as analog adapters or SIP-to-T1 gateways, allowing you to keep your legacy PBX equipment and take advantage of lower telecom costs. While we do provide network solutions to power your PBX and SIP solutions, our SIP trunks can run over your already-existing cable, DSL, T1 or Metro Ethernet connections.

  • Reduce telecommunications expense by eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways and expensive ISDN BRIs or PRIs.
  • Easier SIP trunk connections than via the PSTN, increasing productivity and mobility.
  • Nationwide availability across the Continental United States.

What is SIP Trunking?

Traditional business phone systems consist of two primary components – the PBX, which provides features like Auto Attendants, voicemail and call management and the PRI lines which route calls to their destination over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Using the SIP protocol, your IP enabled PBX line trunks are delivered over the internet, which means more channels, affordable DIDs, lower call charges, and better customer service options with easily added local and international numbers for a fraction of the traditional cost.

An affordable solution that just works.

With Vergent’s SIP trunking solutions, you’ll receive incredible uptime with state-of-the-art continuity features, which provide automatic re-routing across service locations in the event of network problems or inclement weather. Join thousands of users in hosting your phone and SIP services with Vergent, where you no longer have to worry about the closet full of heavy, expensive equipment and wiring. Instead, our affordable monthly service plans provide a modern, scalable phone solution that’s as easy as connecting to the internet.

Bring your own bandwidth availability, with the option for more a secure and managed network through Vergent.

Eliminate VoIP Gateways as all phone calls come in via IP, which eliminates a conversion step and increases phone quality.

Experience infinite scalability and flexibility. We can add lines for you almost immediately without having to upgrade your PBX to handle more connections.

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