Private Networking.

Commitment to connection.

T1 service from Vergent Communications is delivered over our highly-efficient, state of the art converged voice and data network. Connectivity is available in every business location within the Continental United States, allowing you to manage your inter-office communications through just one provider, on just one bill.

  • Connect every business location with a single-point-of-contact solution, allowing you to manage your internet connectivity with just one bill.
  • Bonded T1 options to triple or even quintuple your speed easily and affordably.
  • Highly competitive pricing that comes with tailored for your specific business needs.

Nationwide coverage.

Many telecommunications companies offer service only in portions of the country or in limited areas. If your business has a national presence and requires connections to many different offices across the country, you could wind up purchasing T1 service from multiple vendors. Or, if you do purchase from a single vendor, they may charge you significantly higher prices for service that is outside their primary coverage area.

At Vergent, you’ll never face this problem. Vergent’s aggressively-negotiated peering agreements with providers across the country means you can get phone and internet service at every business location across the United States. Enjoy the ease of managing your telecommunications through just one provider on just one bill..

An affordable solution that just works.

Our T1/DS1 solutions offer more cost-savings, reliability, speed and performance over individual phone lines and DSL internet service. Using dedicated point-to-point, high-capacity private line transport, we can securely deliver fast connectivity at a much lower cost than the competition.

Service level agreement for provisioning, support, and repair.

Reliable, secure transport of high-volume communications.

Scalable solution that also allows for easy nationwide deployment and affordable upgrades.

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