Extend communications with powerful MPLS.

Vergent’s powerful Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone provides intelligent network connectivity for multi-site businesses, ensuring fast and secure data, video and voice transfer between multiple sites or locations. Using our MPLS-based architecture, your bandwidth can be dynamically prioritized among voice, networking and internet/data applications to optimize your overall network performance. This economical solution integrates seamlessly over any existing infrastructure such as IP, ATM, or Ethernet.

  • Wide selection of access technology including T1s, DS3s, private dsl, cable, wireless, and more.
  • Secure, private IP network that connects all remote office locations to each other.
  • Significant IT savings through our affordable network design and large-scale, state of the art infrastructure.

Value-added services.

With Vergent’s MPLS solutions, you get end-to-end QoS monitoring to support mission-critical applications across your network, IP communications, videoconferencing, e-commerce, and content hosting, as well inherent MPLS traffic engineering and more.

Lower cost, better quality.

Vergent’s MPLS combines the intelligence of routing with the performance of switching while converging data, voice, video, and wireless technologies over a single IP network. You can lower TCO and maintain QoS as you scale.

Simplicity of implementation.

Vergent’s MPLS service is a fully-managed network solution, which means you can leave the hassle of encryption devices and complicated routing schemes behind. Vergent will handle your initial network design, configure your equipment, install it in your locations, and provide all the circuits. After deployment, we will monitor your network 24/7 and provide you with around the clock customer support.

Operational cost savings through network management expense reductions.

Scalable and flexible with the ability to add sites, change bandwidth and budget for network growth.

24/7 US-based priority support.

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