Managed Security

Flexible coverage at a predictable cost.

Improve performance and prevent attacks with our managed firewall and spam filtering services. Vergent provides the ideal solution for organizations that require the best in one-on-one support, trust, security and performance. With 24x7x365 proactive security management, our services are not only reliable, but save you from investing in expensive infrastructure as we host our solutions in the cloud. Get in touch today for a free cloud security consultation.

Managed Firewall

Protect your business with the hardware, administration and support of Vergent’s Managed Firewall solution. Our device sits between your internal network and the internet, allowing you to avoid the capital expenditure of purchasing and maintaining an in-house firewall.

With Vergent, we manage all aspects of your firewall including regular assessment, configuration and updates to remain effective against intrusive attacks. Protect your applications and your business with a comprehensive firewall solution from Vergent.

Spam Filtering

More than just a pesky distraction, spam can expose your system to dangerous malware and phishing attacks. With the constant evolution of spammer tactics, it’s important that businesses are protected with our multi-layer, state-of-the-art filtering.

Accounting for more than 90% of all emails worldwide, spam threatens employee productivity, network security and your company’s bottom line. Our email security software utilizes multiple anti-virus engines with intelligent self-learning filters. Start building your plan today to protect against email viruses, spam, phishing and email flooding.

Minimize the impact of cyber attacks

with 24x7 monitoring by our experts.

Accelerated detection and response.

Network security is always top of mind for our cloud services, and with our managed firewall services, we are able to safeguard your interface between LAN, WAN and IP networks at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, our spam filtering options provide organizations with increased productivity through clean, spam and virus free email. Our specialists work closely with your team to ensure our security options best fit your business needs and, more importantly, your budget.

Protect your network while reducing management and monitoring costs.

Take advantage of unlimited, unmatched expert support.

Respond to malicious threats quickly and accurately.

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