Hosted PBX

Cost Savings

Low or no upfront costs with no maintenance fees and free adds/moves/changes.

Scalable Phone Solution

Predictable monthly cost per employee allows for seamless growth at your own pace.

Enterprise IP Features

The latest enterprise-grade features for business phone systems, with plans that fit any budget.

Easy-To-Manage Cloud PBX

With our Hosted PBX solution, companies can finally replace their old phone systems and get a far more flexible, VoIP phone solution for a fraction of the cost. We provide customers with an online portal to fully manage their system from the cloud.

Quickly Scale Up / Scale Down

Five year projections? Ten year projections? For many businesses, it’s difficult to make accurate growth predictions. This is where you need flexible technology like hosted communications. With Vergent’s Hosted PBX, it’s easy to make the necessary changes for your business.


Our robust Hosted PBX provides your staff with enterprise- grade telephone service and features, as well as mobility and conferencing, for a flat monthly per-user fee. 



Over 120 PBX Features 80+ standard system features included with every plan.
Call center applications, mobile-app, digital system administration, enhanced services, custom and CRM integration available.
Find Me / Follow Me Allow employees to designate multiple forward-to numbers for a single virtual phone number. If a customer calls a designated phone number, users can have the call forwarded to multiple devices simultaneously, such as cell, home and work phones.
Unified Messaging Users are able to receive their voicemails via email as a WAV file, or by their handset, mobile application or remote access code.

Prioritize call demand by setting limits for each traffic type, such as DID, DOD, data, or toll-free.
Carry more traffic per line and enhance efficiency by handling all signaling from a separate D channel.
Supports any mix of voice, virtual private line, and circuit-switched data.

Versatile options that help your customers communicate with you when you are unavailable.
Standard voice mail, enhanced mailbox features, extension voice messaging and more.
Auto Attendant features available directly routes callers through a variety of menu options.

Provides simultaneous voice and data capabilities on a single facility.
Wide range of features at one standard cost.
Reduce call setup and connection time up to 90%.


Why Vergent?

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve deployed thousands of voice and network solutions for companies across the nation. We take a consultative approach with every client, aiming to best position your technology to scale. Being a full-service vendor, with voice, cloud and network solutions, we can handle all of your business technology needs with unified billing and a single point of contact for local, Texas-based support.

Can you service my address?

Our voice and cloud solutions are deployable nationwide, regardless of region or address. While internet connectivity is subject to location, our proprietary network and strategic partnerships expand our reach to nearly every city in the continental US, with unbeatable prices and a range of access technologies like DSL, T1, Cable, Fiber, Fixed Wireless and Mobility.

Do you service businesses our size?

Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, Vergent can create custom technology plans that position your infrastructure to scale. Our clients range from local, small businesses to multi-national, billion-dollar enterprises, all with one-to-one support and dedicated account managers.

Contact Sales

Get the best in local voice service with Vergent. Our agents are standing by to answer any questions and get your business connected.

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