Business Broadband

Flexible internet to meet your needs.

Businesses today require fast, reliable internet service to successfully connect to their customers and power their organization. With over 20 years in the business, Vergent is proud to deliver high-speed, reliable broadband internet to thousands of users across the country at a cost that beats the competition, with packages that fit every budget. 

  • High-speed asymmetrical connections typically with higher download than upload.
  • More secure and reliable than standard cable internet services.
  • Prioritize traffic using QoS (Quality of Service) technology.

Easily scale your business.

Our affordable business internet service provides secure connections to all of your office locations via a broadband connection that’s fast, convenient, scalable, and reliable.  Enjoy priority support and higher speed options than standard cable, with a wide-range of packages from 1.5mbps to 1gbps.

Enterprise-class broadband internet.

Send and receive large files, process orders, upload graphics and share large data files with high-speed broadband internet connections. Experience high-speed performance with the reliability, scalability and efficiency of Vergent’s vast network footprint, all at a lower cost.

A robust connection that’s right for you.

Our widespread nationwide coverage allows you to easily scale with a single provider with flexible options including asymmetrical ethernet, DSL, and cable internet. Vergent bring unmatched business-class service guarantees for support, repair, and more. Get in touch today to meet your bandwidth needs at a budget-friendly price point.

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