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Vergent specializes in a broad range of telecommunication solutions. Click the links below to review services by category.


Empower your connections with the latest in hosted PBX, SIP Trunking and traditional voice solutions.


Simplify your infrastructure with custom data & hosting, colocation and managed security.


Streamline your network with powerful dedicated internet, broadband, and MPLS technologies.

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We are proud to serve as the premier technology and communications resource for businesses across the country. Over the last 20 years, our solutions have provided thousands of users with fast, secure, and reliable connectivity, freeing them to concentrate on business instead of bandwidth. We are proudly located in Dallas, Texas, where our data centers are the hub of a network that spans the nation. Learn more about some of our specialized services below.

Vergent ConnectBox

Still planning your project around the availability of large network providers? With the Vergent ConnectBox you’ll receive unlimited, day-one connectivity to be used while your primary circuits are scheduled and installed. Additionally, anytime your primary connection goes down, your network will automatically, and without interruption, switch to the ConnectBox as your unlimited LTE failover. Keep your job site live and deadlines intact with the Vergent ConnectBox.

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