When it comes to internet connectivity options for your business, you have several to choose from. However, Metro Ethernet is one of those options that works well for many businesses.

Metro Ethernet or metropolitan area network (MAN) works to connect business with several offices that within a metro region, city or campus location together with one another. Using Ethernet standards, this allows a business to have more flexibility over their voice, video, and data traffic by using Internet Protocol (IP).

Metro Ethernet Business Advantages

While every connectivity option has its own benefits, it is important that you understand what your business absolutely needs so you can determine whether Metro Ethernet is the right choice for your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of Metro Ethernet.

Metro Ethernet Has Lower Latency

When your business needs services like data, voice and video, you need your network to work. This is why latency is a major concern for every business that has a larger network. With Metro Ethernet, you get a higher level of support for these items that require a low latency to work the best.

Metro Ethernet is Simpler

Unlike Wide Area Networks, Metro Ethernet requires less complicated configurations and requirements. With Metro Ethernet, the migration from a high-speed networking environment is a simpler process. This makes operation, administration, management, and provisioning with Metro Ethernet as simple as “plug and play.”

Metro Ethernet is Pretty Cost Efficient

When compared to other network options, Metro Ethernet equipment costs way less. As stated above, since things like provisioning, operations, and maintenance are simpler, the savings from Metro Ethernet is then passed down to you. This makes MAN is more cost effective and requires simpler technological knowledge and expertise.

Metro Ethernet is Scalable

The bandwidth your business internet service provides your company is very important. You want your network to be able to hold all of the data being transmitted within your business. With Metro Ethernet’s service being scalable, you are able to increase your bandwidth depending on your company’s needs for better flexibility.

Get Your Business Voice, Video, and Data from Vergent

A Vergent, we understand every business if different. That is why we provide our client’s with unique voice, data, and video options like Metro Ethernet.

With our Metro Ethernet solutions, your business will be able to have a for all-in-one communications solution that is as easy, efficient and cost effective.

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