Manage your jobsite, not your network.

Still planning your project around the availability of large network providers? With the Vergent ConnectBox you’ll receive unlimited, day-one connectivity to be used while your primary circuits are scheduled and installed. Additionally, anytime your primary connection goes down, your network will automatically, and without interruption, switch to the ConnectBox as your unlimited LTE failover. Keep your jobsite live and deadlines intact with the Vergent ConnectBox.

Our SnapStart solution provides guaranteed day-one connectivity to any jobsite location nationwide.

  • Secure, reliable and unlimited LTE connection. Ready prior to job start, to be used during primary circuit installation.
  • Powerful signals with download speeds of up to 12 Mbps.

Our SafetyNet solution provides a seamless failover connection during unpredictable network outages.

  • Keep your jobsite live as your network seamlessly switches to ConnectBox when your primary network goes down.
  • Unlimited LTE redundancy. No interruption. No downtime.

Guaranteed day-one connectivity

with unlimited redundancy throughout your entire project.

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