Finding ways to save money as a business is a consideration that should never be far from a business owner’s mind. One of the primary areas where it may be possible to save money and receive a variety of surprising benefits is in managed services.


Over time, businesses invariably become inefficient and wasteful. Although it might seem harsh to call businesses wasteful, the truth is that most employees, managers, and business owners become set in their ways. The adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” probably comes into play, but that kind of thinking can cause budgets to balloon and costs to soar.


How can your business save money and benefit from managed services? Here are just a few reasons why you’ll want to think about managed services for needs like telecommunications, cloud services, business phone systems, and IT support.


Increase Your Business’s Efficiency


You’re probably aware of those consultants who work as efficiency experts to trim the fat from a company’s budget and help companies recover from excess spending. Unfortunately, those experts are also often associated with cutting staff and departments in an attempt to reduce costs.


Using a managed services company for something like IT service may mean your company can allocate resources more efficiently to creative personnel. Rather than cutting or reducing the departments that are a direct source of revenue for the company, you can reduce costs associated with technology, maintenance, and internal technical support.


One of the benefits of using a managed services provider is the speed at which problems or events are fixed. A managed services company offers dedicated professionals who are experts in certain areas. For small businesses who must often hire “jacks of all trades” for technical support, it’s often more efficient to outsource this need to experts.


Reduce the Cost of Expansion and Upgrades


Installing a server farm and hiring an IT department is a route that many businesses choose, but there are costs associated with maintenance and upgrades. Technology that performs at lightning speed today will eventually become inefficient when compared to new technology.


When you work with a managed services company, you’re no longer responsible for researching upgrades for obsolete technology. In addition, managed services make it so much easier to expand when the need arises for more bandwidth, data storage, or networking.


Professional installation of technology related to communications and the internet is essential, and installation can also be designed in such a way that future expansion and updates are easy to accommodate. However, reallocating some of those projects to a managed services company can make upgrades even easier.


For example, moving your business to the cloud rather than installing a server on-site or buying a dedicated server means increasing capacity can be done quickly. Taking advantage of opportunities that require technology upgrades is much easier with managed services.


Managed Services are Customizable


In addition to offering businesses an easy way to upgrade technology, managed services are also a relationship that can be built from the ground up. Businesses may pick and choose the services that may be handled in-house and then decide on which services might be best handled by a third party.


Managed services aren’t like a cable subscription where you have to put up with twenty extra sports channels because you want to watch golf or fishing. A company like Vergent will examine your current technology needs and offer recommendations on services and upgrades, as well as options that will increase efficiency and lower costs.


For example, your company might have a business phone system with old tech and lines that haven’t been changed in a decade. Is it time to switch to VoIP, or are there some reductions that can be made in the number of active lines? Can new equipment or bundled services reduce monthly telecom costs?


Businesses Get the Best Technology


When budgeting for technology and communications expenditures, most businesses must compare the cost of different services. Rarely is it possible for a business to install state-of-the-art quality technology at every level of operation. Decisions usually need to be made on which services are the most important and would benefit the most from investment in cutting edge technology.


Utilizing managed services may mean a company can access those advanced technologies without breaking the bank. The risk of cheap technology becoming quickly obsolete is virtually eliminated with managed services. The responsibility to upgrade equipment used for managed services is the responsibility of the service provider.


Resilient, secure, and efficient, managed services provide value for virtually all business communications needs, as well as networking and IT services. Make your business “future proof” by partnering with a managed services company.