Many businesses strive to go green, but did you know you can be eco friendly by your web hosting choices? Green hosting, also known as “eco friendly hosting” basically means utilizing eco friendly technology practices to meet your web hosting needs. The idea takes each aspect of the web hosting process and reduces the impact each has on the environment. Web hosting uses up large amounts of energy every year and it is important for businesses to realize the impact this is having on the environment.

There are several ways to implement these green hosting practices into your business. The easiest way is to take advantage of the many green web hosting options available. Many reputable companies offer web hosting plans that are environmentally friendly by using less energy or promoting energy conservation practices. For example, most of these green data centers used for hosting are only powered by renewable energy options, such as wind or solar. These facilities also utilize energy conservation practices, such as planting trees.

It is important to note that being a green web hosting business does not mean that you must use green power sources, such as solar, wind or water. However, businesses can offset their carbon footprint with the use of green certificates. These green certificates are known as renewable energy credits and are recognized by the United States Department of Energy’s Green Power Network. Each certificate represents the generation of 1 megawatt-hour of electricity. You can read about these certificates and how they are helping businesses on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website. This is a great way to generate clean energy.

More than seventy percent of consumers say that they would be more prone to choose to use a business’ services or buy their products if they know that the company values the environment. Use this statistic to your advantage by choosing green web hosting options. Not only can you attract customers with your dedication to the environment, but there are several other attractive benefits of green hosting:

  • Your business could potentially qualify for certain tax breaks. You should check with your country’s government to see if you qualify for any of these savings. Qualification may depend on your business’ size or organization. You might be able to use some of your expenses as a tax write off. By doing some research with your local tax office, it is possible to save a large amount of money!
  • Another major draw of green hosting is the pricing. Contrary to popular belief, this option is about the same price of regular web hosting options. Many falsely believe that going green is more expensive. But, thanks to recent innovations, this is no longer the case!

The best piece of advice on your search for a green host provider is to do your research. Just because the company boasts about being eco friendly, it does not mean that this is necessarily true. Green hosting can be a great option for all types of businesses. Not only do you have the opportunity to do some good for the environment, but you are also opening your business up to attract more potential customers.

Vergent is proud to work exclusively with data centers committed to energy conservation and clean energy for our hosting and colocation services. If you’re looking for an energy-conscious communications partner, get in touch and see how Vergent can bring Green Hosting to your business.