When managing your business’s data, internet and phone services, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. One of those is choosing whether to opt for colocation servers or dedicated servers.

In today’s internet-connected world, the servers your business uses can make a huge difference between enhancing your business’ success or hindering it. No matter what industry you work in, you need servers and hosting options that work well for your company, otherwise, that could result in a loss of revenue.

With colocation servers and dedicated servers, there are some advantages and disadvantages to both options. However, knowing the difference between the two could help you make the best decision for your business.

What are Colocation Servers?

When you choose co locations servers, you actually own your own equipment, and basically, the co location provider you choose will only house your servers. If you choose this route, once you have purchased your equipment, it is then sent to the hosting provider’s facility where is protected. This gives your business complete control to customize your servers as you see fit but also provides you the protection of backup power generators, security parameters and other technology that could otherwise be very expensive for your company.

What are Dedicated Servers?

If you choose the option of having dedicated servers, you would pretty much be leasing equipment and everything from the hosting provider on either a monthly or yearly basis. This option is usually the most common, however, choosing dedicated server usually limits your business’s configuration options. Since everything is done by the server host, there is also little to no expertise needed on your part. However, you will be required to manage your servers unless you choose to get management additional management services added on to your leasing fees.

Which Should I Choose for My Business?

Now that you have a better understanding of the difference between collocated servers and dedicated servers, it’s time to evaluate which is the better option for your company.

You Should Choose Colocation Servers If…

  • You would prefer a third party to handle your server’s physical safety.
  • You want the security of having your own servers, but not the fees that would come with hosting them yourself.
  • You prefer flexibility since your business will grow in the future, you may need load balancing and other features not usually available when you choose dedicated servers.
  • You need assurance that a higher degree of uptime is guaranteed.

Choose Dedicated Servers If…

  • You know your business is not ready to handle purchasing your own equipment and the investments involved.
  • You are not technically savvy when it comes to data centers.

data centerDedicated Server Colocation Hosting by Vergent

At Vergent, we believe in the motto “We manage your servers, you manage your business”. That is why we offer secure, dedicated server colocation services for business just like yours.

Our telco facility is fully equipped and includes a number of options to meet your company’s hosting needs.  To learn more about our co location services, give us a call 877-635-4900 or contact us today.

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