Running a small business often means competing against companies that have a much greater bottom line and access to the latest technology. However, a limited budget isn’t a barrier for today’s startup or small business that wishes to enter a competitive industry and grow.

There are several essential technologies that can help any business – large or small – grow and improve efficiency. Here are some of those technologies.

The Cloud and Cloud Services

As a business owner, you might hear the phrase, “the cloud” on a daily basis. It seems like it’s a technology that everyone is using, and the ease and flexibility of this cloud storage solution have made it an important part of today’s suite of business technology services.

The cloud helps businesses store information for backup purposes, as well as gives businesses an inexpensive option for increasing storage space for apps and business data. The cloud is also an excellent option for any company who has workers who telecommute.

VoIP Services & Software

The evolution of telecommunications has brought VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) into the mainstream. What was once a technology used solely at large businesses has become one of the most affordable types of business phone systems.

As with cloud services, using VoIP for business telecommunications is one of the best ways to ensure flexibility and scalability without a significant investment of additional technology. A VoIP system can grow as a small business grows without dramatically impacting the business’s bottom line.

Managed IT Service, Support, and Consulting

One of the expenses that a small business can’t often afford is the employee dedicated to keeping the company’s telecommunications and IT services in working order. A business with just a handful of employees might not have the budget to hire a full-time IT worker.

Utilizing a firm that offers IT services is a cost-effective method for getting to take advantage of a variety of technologies for business. A single account for managed IT services means a small business can use the technology it needs without dealing with outages and problems that take days or weeks to fix.

Software for Accounting and Taxes

Hiring a tax accountant is an important part of running a business because an accounting professional will know more about the tax code than the average business owner who might not have any formal accounting education. However, hiring a dedicated accountant for year-round work isn’t possible for the average small business.

While a small business owner may benefit from using an accountant at tax time and a few times a year, accounting software can prove very useful for tracking expenditures, income, and all sorts of data that might be required on a tax form or which need to be tracked for budgeting purposes.

Custom Business App

Virtually every business can benefit from a customized app whether you sell shoes, pet supplies, or accounting services. An app is one of the best tools you have at your disposal for marketing and branding, and it’s technology your business needs to remain in contact with current clients.

There are several options for making an app from using simple software (for a simple app) to hiring a firm to create a custom business app. Some options don’t even require a programmer and are designed using simple, automated templates.

Work with Vergent

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