NEC Univerge 3C IP PBX Phone System Overview

Vergent Communications is a Dallas-based, authorized NEC phone system provider offering phone systems and service nationwide. Vergent is one of the most experienced NEC IP PBX providers in the country, offering expert phone system installation and VoIP phone and internet service.  Vergent goes where your network needs to be to provide comprehensive voice and data connectivity to 100% of your locations in the continental United States.

What is the NEC Univerge 3C IP PBX Phone System?

NEC UNIVERGE 3C is a world-class IP telephone system designed to help businesses of all sizes stay competitive. UNIVERGE 3C provides tools that enhance employee productivity via a software application platform that delivers a fully functional IP-PBX phone system with a complete set of voice features, sophisticated unified communications (UC), and collaboration applications.  NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C redefines the way businesses and individuals communicate by enabling you to tailor your communications to your specific business needs while retaining control over how, when, and where you choose to be reached. NEC’s phone system does not require proprietary hardware and operates at a substantial savings over high legacy telecom rates.

NEC Univerge Phone System Features

NEC UNIVERGE 3C  is a complete, software-based unified communications and collaboration solution that redefines the way you communicate. UNIVERGE 3C IP PBX phone systems deliver anywhere, anytime access and can operate on your premises or in a cloud-based or hybrid environment. This highly reliable, highly secure system ensures business continuity through a single application platform.

Vergent is one of the most experienced NEC UNIVERGE 3C providers in the country, with installations ranging in size from 10 to over 2,000 users. Customers who combine an NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone system installation with our cloud-based networking option will enjoy a fully converged network communications system, complete with phone and internet service, at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone and internet service. Put Vergent’s experience to work for you and positively impact your company’s bottom line.

UNIVERGE 3C Features Include:

-Anywhere, Anytime Access for Increased Efficiency and Productivity

-Streamline communications and information delivery across multiple media types and devices with UNIVERGE 3C, and free your employees to work anywhere. No matter where your employees are, they’ll enjoy intuitive communication management tools and quick access to the information they need. All features are integrated into a single robust unified communications (UC) client that is easy to learn and use.

-Detailed Contact Information

-The UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications Client provides detailed, visually-rich contact information at the click of a button.

Rich Presence

Any user can locate and identify another user, determine availability, and contact that person on his or her preferred device.

Schedule-Based Presence and Availability

Schedule-based presence and availability allows your employees to route calls to their preferred telephone (at their desk, mobile phone, or home office) according to their preference, schedule, or any specific rule they may have set… all with the click of a mouse.

Unified Messaging

Retrieve voicemail messages from any location via email, desk phone, computer, or cell phone. You’ll never miss another important call again.

Single Number/Single Mailbox Access

Save time by combining mobile and office phone messages into a single mailbox. Distribute only one number to customers and colleagues, and transfer calls from your desk phone to your mobile device without interruption.

UC Client Conference Bridge

Easily establish and manage a conference call with the click of a mouse.

Microsoft Office Outlook Integration

Seamlessly integrate your communications with Microsoft Outlook and synchronize meeting calendars, journaling, and contact groups into user call functions and unified messaging functionality.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Easily send, manage, and receive video conferences, complete with three-way video conferencing capabilities and integration into third party video devices (including conference video, tele-presence, and desktop video terminals).

Instant Messaging / Chat

UNIVERGE 3C instant messaging (IM) and chat features provide a communications alternative that is less-intrusive than phone or video conferencing, but faster and more efficient than email.

Softphone Functionality

Now your employees can use their computers to send or receive calls, set up a desktop video conference, or use advanced call-forwarding or web-browser dialing.

Comprehensive Voice, Video, and Web Collaboration

There’s no need to travel when you have UNIVERGE 3C’s robust voice, video, and web collaboration tools. Improve efficiency and lower spending with this intuitive software interface which enables:

-Quick and easy access to meetings from multiple devices and applications, including your desktop UC client, Outlook Calendar, your iPad or Android tablet, your IM/chat window, and more.

-Multiple-party video display

-Presentation sharing

-File sharing

-White boarding

-Remote controls

-Multiple language and time zone choices

-Share documents and see all participants

Online Smart Directories

Online Smart Directories provide a desktop view of all extensions and availability within the enterprise.

Point-and-Click / Drag-and-Drop Call Management

Users can easily perform most call functions directly from the desktop with a click of the mouse.

Customized Automated IVR Messaging

Easily create customized automated IVR messaging to route callers through menu trees. Use Dual Tone Multiple Fequencies (DTMF) to get information, which speeds up processes and saves your business money.

Automated Attendant

The Univerge 3C Auto Attendant provides reliable round-the-clock call routing, enabling callers to reach the appropriate person, regardless of location or available communications device.

State-of-the-Art Speech Recognition

The UNIVERGE 3C intuitive speech interface easily allows callers to use simple voice commands for calendar and contact management. Users can also dial contacts by simply stating their name, perform hands-free call transfers, and more.

Interactive Call Screening

The interactive call screening feature provides all of your employees with a virtual personal assistant which announces the caller and provides options for accepting, acknowledging, or transferring the call.

Call Recording

Record calls on-demand or using pre-set automation. Save your recordings to a local directory, or automatically place them on remote resources such as servers or Storage Area Newtorks (SANs).

Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory Integration

UNIVERGE 3C also integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory to provide a powerful, fully-featured unified communications and collaboration solution for enhanced efficiency and productivity. This functionality is bundled within the voice license at no additional charge, along with a complete software development kit (SDK) for third-party product integrations.

Advanced Support for Mobile and Remote Workers

Free your workers to stay connected and productive from any location with UNIVERGE 3C’s enhanced user mobility solutions. The UNIVERGE 3C softphone offers mobile and remote users many of the same features as their desktop phone and is available anywhere.

NEC’s Vision for the Future

NEC’s  product vision is to continue to deliver enhanced communications services that leverage the solid, reliable and feature rich call control of our core NEC UNIVERGE 3C software.  Voice, video and text messaging features and applications will continue to merge into new and powerful communications tools that leverage industry standards and commodity hardware products.

NEC will continue to support third party vendors in bringing new, low priced hardware options to the market that expand our customer’s choice of endpoints or network elements to fit their business needs.  Examples include lower density IP gateways, a wide array of new IP telephones from an increasing number of vendors, USB headsets and handsets and emerging IP appliances.

NEC Univerge 3C Phone System Reliability

The NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone system has replaced the NEC Sphericall platform after NEC’s 2007 acquisition of Sphere Communications. This unique NEC phone system consists of a single software application platform which delivers rich, integrated voice and data services in an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid network environment.

The NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone system is Joint Interoperability Task Command (JITC) certified to meet the rigorous United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) standards and delivers 99.999% uptime and reliability. It also provides you with the latest encryption and security protocols, including HTTPS connectivity for UC Clients and SIP connectivity that includes SRTP and TLS standard security protocols.

The UNIVERGE 3C phone system is a distributed software application that eliminates single points of failure while maintaining a single system image for software feature operations and systems administration. This system provides businesses with redundancy and reliability in the event of a network outage. Shared processing and load balancing also minimize hardware costs and provide maximum system availability up to 30,000 users.

Vergent’s optional cloud-based UNIVERGE 3C solution hosts your phone system in our secure Dallas-based data center, which is a physically secure facility with power and cooling architectures that have been optimized for green data center operation.

We can bundle your system with fully-converged voice and data service network connectivity to all of your business locations to provide a complete communications solution at a significant savings over traditional telco carriers. Our best-of-breed SLA guarantees five nines reliability and uptime, and service is available in every business location in the continental United States.

Why Vergent for your Univerge 3C Installation?

Vergent is fully committed to helping clients optimize their networks to achieve maximum performance, flexibility, and savings.  We are one of the most experienced NEC UNIVERGE 3C IP PBX providers in the country.  We have been installing and managing IP PBX systems since the technology was first available.  Our NEC UNIVERGE certified technicians have been endorsed by references from clients consisting of small companies with a few users at a single location to enterprise businesses with thousands of users spread across 100 locations.  We are happy to provide a reference list upon request.

Vergent provides a “One Stop Shop” approach by combining new NEC UNIVERGE 3c phone systems with SIP trunking to drastically reduce telecommunications expense.  As part of this implementation, we can also provide our customers with an optimized private voice, video, and data network.

Vergent Also Provides:

NEC UNIVERGE 3c License Sales

NEC Software Maintenance Renewal

Full NEC Support Agreements

Softphone Support for Mobile and Remote Workers

Stay connected and productive from anywhere with the NEC UNIVERGE 3C softphone support for mobile and remote users.  The UNIVERGE softphone provides remote users many of the same features available on the office desk phone. The softphone turns a networked laptop into a virtual business telephone, enabling your employees to take their phone extensions with them to virtually any location–no VPN (Virtual Private Network) required. The softphone is a great alternative to the desk phone for travelers and telecommuters.

Work Anywhere

The UNIVERGE 3C softphone UC Client also works on a wide variety of mobile phones and tablets to provide universal services access to all of its productivity-enhancing features from any location at any time. Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems are all supported.

Easy Call Management

The UNIVERGE softphone also supports call twinning, which allows users to configure their phones to ring one or multiple devices at the same time. This allows employees to stay connected on the go without having to configure call forwarding rules. This setting is easily activated or de-activated in the UC Client.

uMobility Compatible

The NEC UNIVERGE softphone also works with NEC’s fixed mobile convergence uMobility solution to provide seamless roaming on and off  campus. This solution allows you to transparently bridge calls from your business’ Wi-Fi to cellular networks and back again via a smartphone. (Optional.)

Never Miss Important Calls

The NEC softphone also supports wireless LAN and IP DECT terminals as IP clients on the system to provide in-building roaming capabilities which ensure that all calls will be received.


The NEC UNIVERGE 3C IP PBX phone system provides easy and cost effective growth strategies and scales from 10 up to 30,000 system ports in service.  The largest NEC UNIVERGE customer is currently Memphis City Public Schools in Memphis, Tennessee with over 20,000 stations installed and in use across 192 geographically separated locations.

Users of this NEC phone system can easily manage incremental business growth by implementing one phone station at a time.  Additional endpoints, whether IP phones or PhoneHubs for analog phones, are plug and play – once added to the network they automatically connect to the UNIVERGE 3C software and are ready to be assigned their extension information through the administrator interface.

ROI: Business Value Assessment

A typical NEC phone system achieves payback within 16 months or less, which can be clearly defined by identifying current costs versus the proposed solution.

With the entire organization and communications network unified onto an IP backbone or hosted in the Vergent cloud, your company will gain hard economic benefits in areas such as:

Administrative Efficiencies – Centralized management of the system and the efficiencies of a single, unified network are immediately realized.  Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) are handled by the company’s own internal resources in an easy and cost effective manner.  With NEC UNIVERGE 3C, MAC or administration access can be achieved from any secured point on the network or via any web browser.  IP telephones are portable within the system, eliminating most move requests for existing users.

Toll Bypass – Long distance savings between NEC UNIVERGE 3C connected locations will reduce monthly costs.  NEC UNIVERGE 3C provides automatic route selection to guarantee that calls are routed in the most cost efficient manner based on dialing plan rules established by the administrator.

Conferencing Services – NEC UNIVERGE 3C’s robust audio and video conferencing capabilities  eliminate all need for external 3rd party conference services.  Outsourced conferencing costs are immediately eliminated for substantial savings.

Maintenance and Support Cost Reduction– NEC UNIVERGE 3C’s maintenance program includes system software updates to keep your voice solution current with new features and functionality for years to come, thus minimizing any risk of technological obsolescence. All functionality is delivered through a single user license which immediately grants access to all of the UNIVERGE 3C phone system features without any hidden or additional costs.

Up-to-Date & Industry Leading Features – NEC phone systems provide a robust and universal feature set to everyone on the system.  All IP PBX features are available to anyone on the system and to almost any endpoint regardless of whether they are inexpensive analog telephones or the convergence to the desktop solution of an IP telephone.  While NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone systems easily provide voice services for any size organization, they excel in the delivery of enhanced functionality such as computer telephony, video telephony, unified messaging, and softphone mobility solutions. The UNIVERGE 3C system allows a common set of features to be extended to any device, thus maximixing employee productivity. Because UNIVERGE 3C is a dynamic software-based solution, it will forever stay current, providing you with exciting new features via simple software updates. To keep your system current, you simply upgrade one single platform that includes all the features, applications, and UC and collaboration services (Voice mail, unifited messaging, collaboration tools, mobility solutions, voice/video/web conferencing, and more). NEC’s Software Assurance program provides technical assistance and software upgrades at no cost.

NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C IP PBX phone system eliminates the need for multiple vendors, servers, and applications and provides the simplicity of a seamless solution. Reducing complexity inherently reduces costs, making the NEC UNIVERGE 3C system a solid choice for any business.

Phone System Management Tools

The NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone system provides a comprehensive set of multi-privilege system tools for management, maintenance, and monitoring.

Administrators will appreciate the easy-to-use graphical user interface, which supports a wide range of capabilities. Administrators can set different privileges for various user types, and adds, moves, and changes are easily and securely implemented with a few clicks via any web browser.

The admin interface supports flexible number planning, call accounting, rights-based security, Class-of-Service profiles, and more. The UNIVERGE 3C system also includes a powerful reporting tool that analyzes call performance, tracks, call volume, and monitors resource usage.

NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone systems support many features in a single integrated software solution while other providers frequently require multiple external servers.

Other Univerge 3C Integrated Features Include:

  • music on hold
  • announcements
  • multi-lingual auto-attendant
  • voice mail
  • unified messaging
  • email
  • voice/video conferencing
  • rich presence
  • text messaging
  • call recording
Integration With Web Services

NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C phone system allows businesses to integrate enterprise communications with complex business systems to achieve advanced, customized business solutions. The UNIVERGE 3C features open, standards-based components, enabling it to become an enterprise communications system in which various business applications may integrate communications into many business processes.

Web services support an open architecture that allows multiple devices to communicate and co-exist for fast, flexible, and repeatable application development and integration. Standards-based SOAP and XML technology integrates the UNIVERGE 3C phone system with other business applications to provide notifications, requests, and information dissemination for quicker responses to key processes. Web services align with the concepts of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP), enabling enterprise applications to easily integrate communication functions into critical business processes.

e911 Support

One of a business’ most important priorities is providing a safe working environment for employees. The fist step in the process of keeping your people safe and secure during an emergency is providing a 911 system that alerts emergency response teams.

The NEC UNIVERGE 3C phone system provides you with the tools necessary to protect your most valuable asset–your people. The UNIVERGE 911 feature passes caller ID information to your city’s Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) automatically, providing vital lifesaving information to emergency responders. Additionally, UNIVERGE notifies your appropriate on-site personnel that an emergency call is in progress.

Your on-site personnel may silently monitor a call in progress or barge-in on a call if necessary. You may also use the system’s call recording feature to capture a permanent record of the emergency event for future review.

UNIVERGE 3C 911 support is provided with every installation at no additional charge.

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