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T1 Service Nationwide - $189/mo

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Save on T1 Service

T1 Service

T1 service from Vergent Communications is delivered over our highly-efficient, state of the art converged voice and data network, which allows us to provide T1 lines at a fraction of the cost of other providers.  Our typical customer saves 30-50% on monthly telecommunications costs by switching.  Connectivity is available in every business location within the Continental United States, allowing you to manage your inter-office communications through just one provider, on just one bill.

Cut Phone and Internet costs by 30-50%

Vergent is a next-generation telecommunications company with a fully packet-based network.  Unlike legacy telecommunications companies, we are not heavily invested in old infrastructure and clunky analog technology.  Our newer converged voice and data platform provides significant savings, and we are committed to passing that savings on to you.

Connect Every Business Location

Vergent goes where your network needs to be to provide connectivity to every office in the Continental United States.  If your business has multiple locations, Vergent can provide you with a single-point-of-contact solution, allowing you to manage your internet connectivity through just one provider on just one bill.

Why Vergent for T1 Internet?

Vergent isn’t just an ISP–we’re voice and data connectivity experts. We have consistently offered cutting-edge connectivity solutions since the dawn of the internet era. Moreover, we’ve been providing these solutions at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Bonded T1

Get bonded T1 at 4.5 and 9 mbps speeds starting at only $695 per month for true wireline T1.

Bonded T1 allows you to triple or even quintuple your speed easily and affordably.  Just call us at 855-VERGENT to upgrade your bandwidth today.

T1 vs. DSL

At first glance, DSL might sound like a good option for your business because it seems to provide the same amount of bandwidth for less money than a T1 connection. However, T1 lines offer enhanced reliability, SLAs, and consistent speeds that DSL just cannot provide. Learn more about T1 vs. DSL.


What is a T1 Internet Line?

T1 internet lines are made of fiber optic or copper cables that connect businesses to each other and to the internet. T1 lines carry 24 digital voice or data channels at speeds of 1.544 megabits per second. They can be “bonded” or combined to provide even higher access speeds. Read more about T1 lines here.

How to Select a T1 Provider

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a T1 provider, not the least of which is price. Other factors to consider include the service coverage area and security concerns. Learn more about selecting a T1 service provider here.


T1  vs. Metro Ethernet

Sometimes T1 internet is your best business option. Other times, Metro Ethernet can be both more affordable and faster. When deciding between the two, ask yourself: 1) Where are you located, and 2) How much bandwidth do you need? Find out more about which option is right for you.

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