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Business Phone and Internet Service

Vergent provides carrier-grade telecommunications services via its own all-digital network backbone. We also provision and deliver business phone and internet services at wholesale prices from other major providers like AT&T, Verizon, Time Warner, and more. Our bulk buying power across multiple networks means we can provide the most cost-effective path to each of your business locations with no out-of-network premiums. Service is available nationwide.

 Vergent delivers telecommunications at a lower cost than you’ll find from any other carrier, and then we make sure it all works for you by seamlessly integrating it with your IT support and cloud needs.

Telecommunications Services from Vergent

Business Internet Service

Vergent delivers reliable, business-class internet service with a best-of-breed SLA. Get the speed you need at a service you can afford. Click here to learn more about our business internet options now.

T1 Service

Vergent provides T1 service in Dallas, TX from $149 per month. Connections nationwide start at $189 per month. Choose from bonded T1s, fractional T1s, dynamic T1s, and more. Learn more about T1 Service from Vergent.

Metro Ethernet Service

Vergent’s metro ethernet service provides a broadband connection that’s reliable, fast, scalable, convenient, and easy to implement.  Metro E supports high-speed data, Internet, voice over IP (VoIP), video and other applications with speeds ranging from 1.5mbps to 1gbps.  Vergent’s metro e solution can be easily integrated into private IP networks or MPLS VPNs. Click here to learn more about metro ethernet service from Vergent Communications.

VoIP Phone and Internet

Those old analog lines with expensive long distance charges are a thing of the past. Vergent’s VoIP phone and internet solutions provide all-digital connections with next-generation services like call-find-me, voicemails in your email inbox, and more. Best yet, Vergent’s all-inclusive plans offer free long distance and free calling between office locations. Learn more about Vergent’s VoIP phone and internet service now.

SIP Trunking

Implement IP telephony across your organization with SIP trunking. There’s no need to replace your phone system or change your phone numbers. Click here to learn more about SIP trunking from Vergent.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Vergent’s Dedicated Internet Access service (DIA) is a broadband connection to the internet that is not shared with any other customers.  The whole telecommunications circuit is dedicated to you, which means you’ll never experience slow-downs due to traffic from users outside your own company. Learn more about DIA from Vergent now.

MPLS VPN Service

Vergent’s MPLS VPN service securely creates a private IP network, connecting all of your office locations to each other and to the internet using state of the art infastructure and intelligent network design. We can also provide virtually any type of access technology, including T1 service, metro ethernet, DS3s, wireless connections, and more. We’ve been building and supporting packet-based networks since the early 1990s–our experience is unparalleled. Learn more about Vergent’s MPLS VPN service now.

Voice over MPLS

Vergent was one of the first companies to make VoIP available on MPLS-based networks. Significant savings can be achieved by adding VoIP services to an MPLS-based network. Because MPLS is a private network technology, voice QoS is virtually guaranteed. Learn more about VoIP over MPLS now.

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